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Milwaukee Painters – #1 Commercial & Residential Painting Company in Wisconsin.

Together, we’ll Make Your House Feel Like a Home.

Interior or exterior, we’ll treat your home like our own. What do you say? Let’s say hello to a new paint job, together.

House painting

A new coat of paint on your homes walls can give it a totally new look and feel. Milwaukee Painters will work with you and/or your interior designer to create the house of your dreams. Residential painting requires a special touch, an eye for detail, and a steady hand. All qualities which we at Milwaukee Painters have.

Decorative Painting

Create beautiful accent walls, contrasting transition points and awe inspiring entrances into your home. All this can be done with carefully selected paint options and a helping hand from Milwaukee Painters. When you need quality painting services, at an affordable price – call us!

Door & Baseboard Painting

Transform your residential property into an appealing and modernized home that you can’t wait to show off. Our painters in Milwaukee have years of experience working with doors, trim, baseboards and crown molding. 

Staining & Refinishing

Protect the natural beauty of the wood decor throughout your home. Milwaukee Painters offers only the finest staining and refinishing services in Wisconsin. Whether you need your hardwood floors redone, cabinets, trim or doors we’ve got you covered. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting

When it’s time to give your kitchen a face lift the #1 thing you can do is refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Painting your cabinets white or refinishing them with high quality stain will give the whole house a new feel. Take a look at some examples in our Milwaukee project gallery. 

We’re Passionate about commercial painting.

Inside or out, let’s show your customers what your business is all about. A fresh coat of paint is all it’ll take.

Commercial Painting

Milwaukee Painters has years of experience working with area businesses. When your office or storefront needs a coat of paint, give us a call. We’ll work with you or your general contractor to get the job done right and on time! We understand time is money, and the only thing we want more than to beautify your business with a new paint job is to get your business up and making $$$.

Deck Painting

Looking for deck painting services near Milwaukee? Our team of painters will get your deck looking like new with old paint removal and a new coat of high quality exterior grade paint. Looking to maintain the natural look of your deck? No problem, we offer deck resealing and staining as well. 

Fence Painters

Maintain the natural beauty of your Western Red Cedar fence with the best fence painting and resealing company in Milwaukee, WI. Fences are not a cheap investment, let our expert painters protect your fence from the harsh Wisconsin winters and brutally sunny summers.


Waterproofing sealer is an excellent option for pool decks, hot tub gazebos, greenhouses, and other areas around your home or business that are overly susceptible to water damage. Our Milwaukee area painters have worked on thousands of unique painting projects, we’ll get the job done!

pressure Washing

Maybe you’re a DIY Painter, or maybe you just needs your commercial or residential property pressure cleaned. Our professional painters and subcontractors have all the tools and know-how to safely pressure wash any surface in or around your home or business.

Residential, Commercial, Interior or Exterior… We do it all!

With a name like Milwaukee Painters, it’s pretty clear what we do. That’s the way we like it. Complete transparency, 100%.

Popcorn ceiling removal

Your dated popcorn textured ceilings need to go, right? Without the right tools and knowledge removing popcorn ceilings can turn into a disaster. Painters In Milwaukee deal with textured ceiling and wall repairs nearly every day! Let us help bring your home into 2020!

Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper has drastically dropped in popularity, which means a lot of work when you need to remove it. Our team at Painters In Milwaukee will remove wallpaper and apply a beautiful coat of eco friendly paint to fit any style house.

Drywall Repair

Before you can paint your walls the drywall needs to be in tip-top shape. Even small blemishes in your drywall can show through and become a major eyesore. Painters In Milwaukee pays close attention to detail to ensure a flawless finish every time. 

Graffiti cover up

Painting over or covering up graffiti can be much more difficult than it sounds. Sometimes chemicals and industrial grade primer need to be used to mask the graffiti on the exterior of a house of business. Painters In Milwaukee has experience covering many types of blemishes.

Floor Painting & Coatings

Looking to have your garage or shop floor painted? Many industrial grade coatings are available that help with spills, traction and overall appearance of your facility. Our experts know the proper way to apply shop floor coatings to ensure longevity. 

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Our Story

High Quality Residential & Commercial Painting in Milwaukee

Painters In Milwaukee was founded with just one thing in mind: To provide a simplistic and affordable painting solution to Milwaukee area residents and business owners. 

Today, those who are searching for “painting contractors near me” are met with an overwhelming abundance of results… most of which give you no real answers to the questions you have about reliable painting companies. That’s what we’re here to fix. Not only do we provide the best painting services in the Greater Milwaukee area, but we give 100% of our undivided attention to your project. 

Painting is what we do and Milwaukee is where we live. Let us help make Milwaukee beautiful one house or storefront at a time. 


Milwaukee’s Premier Painting Contractor!

Finding the best professional painters in Milwaukee

Revamping or remodeling your home can be a very exciting time. Being able to refresh the interior of your home is amazing, and it does bring with it some amazing benefits. But that also means you need to paint the interior, and if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge, results will not be the best. Which is why it makes a lot of sense to hire Professional Painting Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Painters saves you time

Once you hire Milwaukee Painters, you get to save a lot of time since the expert painting team will do the job for you. As a result, you get to focus on tasks that really matter for yourself and your family. That’s especially helpful if you have a business or need to complete certain tasks for work. You can do that instead of trying to tackle the painting process on your own.

Safety is our #1 priority

One of the main issues with DIY painting is that not everyone knows how to do this job correctly. That can be a challenge, which is why you need to try and handle it accordingly so you can get the utmost results and value. We recommend you always consult with an expert because they’ll have all the safety measures in place. You can avoid problems this way, all while getting a much better experience. It’s the best of both worlds, and you will be very impressed with the results from Milwaukee Painters.

Complying with Milwaukee's Laws & Codes

Another thing to take into account is that whenever you hire Professional Painting Services, you must comply with the local regulations. Not everyone knows those regulations, so making sure that you hire a team that can handle the entire process while also doing everything legally is what you want to pursue the most. It helps a lot, and you can avoid any possible lawsuits that may arise. The faster you work with professionals, such as Milwaukee Painters, the better it will be in a situation like this.

Fast & Professional Painting Prep Work

You can’t start painting right away, you need some prep work. And that’s why you need to be 100% sure that you know what you are doing and how you are going to handle this situation. The most important aspect of prep work is that it can become very messy. Professionals can tape your windows, they will lay down the plastic sheets, move the furniture and complete all the necessary tasks for you. That’s why hiring Milwaukee Painters is better because we will prepare the painting process accordingly without bringing in any unwanted issues.

Painting Cleanup - We do it right!

With help from Milwaukee Painters, you can also make sure that the entire painting process doesn’t generate a huge mess. Unfortunately, DIY painting can become rather messy, since you don’t always know what to do and how to do it. Which is why it makes sense to work with professionals. They will not make a mess, and on top of that, they will dispose of the unnecessary materials very fast. It’s the best of both worlds, and the experience will be a pleasant one.

Milwaukee Painters is an Eco- Friendly business

No exposure to dangerous chemicals.
Let’s face it, painting your home will expose you to a wide array of dangerous chemicals. It may not seem like a lot at first, but it can become a problem and that’s what you want to keep in mind the most. Once you make sure that you hire a team of experts, things are easier. The best Professional Painting Services will always have protective equipment and safety procedures in place. That’s definitely important when you deal with a situation like this. Once you have experts working with you on this, the payoff will be extraordinary and that’s what you want to do the most.

Quality & Reliable Painting Contractor

Most Professional Painting Services are offering you a guarantee that their services will last for a very long time. And in case there are issues, you will have warranty coverage. So you do get some stuff right, which is exactly what makes such a service interesting and more convenient in the first place. You do receive proper support and assistance, and you will appreciate all the input from their side, which is why it makes sense to hire experts and not try to handle this yourself.

Quick & Affordable Interior Painting

That’s the thing that really matters when it comes to hiring experts, the fact that they do this job fast, properly and without any worries. Most of us have a hard time figuring out when and how to complete tasks of this caliber, and that’s why working with Milwaukee Painters does help a lot. The challenges are removed rather quickly, and the experience is great. Plus, you don’t have to worry about problems to begin with, and they will stay within the desired schedule.

We'll Help You Choose the best paint color

Yes, when you work with Milwaukee Painters you will receive assistance when it comes to choosing the best paint type. That certainly helps a lot, because you can figure out what paint works great in your area. Factors like humidity, light, and interior design ideas need to be taken into consideration. And it will help if you do that since there will be more control over the results and the overall quality you can expect. It’s certainly worth keeping that in mind when you think about painting your home.

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You don’t have to try and paint your home yourself if you lack the knowledge to do that. With the right Professional Painting Services, you can get the job done faster, easier and you will also spend less than trying the DIY approach. If you’re looking for Professional Painting Services in Milwaukee, don’t hesitate and get in touch with us today. Our team offers you the assistance, support and value you need, all while keeping costs as low as possible. All you have to do is to get in touch with us right away, and we guarantee that you will have a very good experience!

Our gallery

Painting Projects

Painters In Milwaukee, WI

While some may think that painting is just some menial task that can sit on the back burner. We disagree. Painting dates back tens of thousands of years, painting is a way to connect us to our environment, our home. 

At Painters In Milwaukee, we’ve dedicated our careers and our passions to putting the finishing touches on the dream homes of hundreds of Milwaukee area residents. Through building real relationships with our clients and truly putting ourselves in their shoes we’ve been able to accomplish some astonishing projects. We whole-heatedly cannot wait to work on more. 

Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Milwaukee

We’ve noticed the influx in popularity of painting kitchen cabinets — and we couldn’t be happier. Giving your kitchen an overhaul can quite literally change the entire feel of your home. Not only is it a wonderful design idea, but it’s a HUGE money saver. 

Painting your cabinets can save you tens-of-thousands when compared to replacing them. 

Give Painters In Milwaukee a call or contact us online for a quote on painting kitchen cabinets. 

Free Bathroom Painting Service

Have 3 or more interior rooms painted by Painters In Milwaukee now through May and get a residential bathroom painted free of charge!


Window Trim & Shutter Painting in Milwaukee

Purchase an exterior paint job valued at $5000 or more and receive a FREE window trim & shutter accent painting service. 

*Exclusions apply – call for details.

What Areas Does Milwaukee Painters Service?

We’re a homegrown, local small business built from the ground up here in the wonderful County of Milwaukee! Our team of painting pros knows the entire Southeastern WI area well. We’ll come to evaluate your painting project in Greenfield, New Berlin, Oak Creek, West Allis, Hales Corners, Shorewood, and anywhere in between.

Have a painting project further out? No problem.

Milwaukee Painters has been servicing the Waukesha area with top-notch painting services for years. Pewaukee, Delafield, Menomonee Falls, Sussex, Muskego & Mukwanago are all cities and towns we service on a weekly basis.


Milwaukee is filled with painting companies, finding out which to choose was tough! Painters In Milwaukee was the best choice I could have found. Not only were they responsive to our needs, but they had solutions to each and every issue that arose. They worked with our schedule and around other contractors timelines.

Client Since 1995

The attention to detail that Painter In Milwaukee displayed was unsurpassed. Our Downtown Milwaukee startup company needed a unique project handled which included working alongside a local artist who was doing a mural on an adjacent wall. The finished product meshed together better than imagined!

Client Since 1995

After moving to the Milwaukee area we bought a fixer-upper home that needed a lot more than just painting. The team at Painters In Milwaukee went above and beyond and even suggested several companies to handle various other projects for us (roofing company and fence contractor) all of which were just as professional as PIM.

Client Since 1995

As a property & maintenance manager for a cluster of apartment buildings in Milwaukee County, I often get surges of new tenants at once. We rely on Painters In Milwaukee to help freshen up our 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments before they become occupied. They understand the sense of urgency at times and always go out of their way to help!

Client Since 1995

We have worked with several painting contractors throughout the Midwest over the last few years. Milwaukee Painters is far and beyond the best painting company in Wisconsin. We'll be using them for all our future painting needs in the Whitefish Bay, WI area.

Client Since 1995

We live in West Milwaukee and needed someone to come out and give us a quote for exterior painting. Milwaukee Painters was fast and responsive! Had a price for residential painting within 24 hours!

Client Since 1995

Our small business in West Allis needed a fresh coat of paint inside and out. The team at Milwaukee Painters was fast and affordable. A+ Service!

Client Since 1995

Our family purchased a mid-century modern home in Wauwatosa, WI that needed some interior painting done along with handrail and shutter painting on the exterior of the house. MP's submitted a bid on the job and came in very competitive, price wise. Could not be happier with the way everything turned out.

Client Since 1995

Hired Milwaukee Painters to do a commercial paint job for our company in St. Francis - they got the job done on time and for a few hundred less then a competitor we found on Thumbtack.

Client Since 1995

Needed a fence painted at our home in South Milwaukee, I had seen some of the work Milwaukee Painters did near Planet Fitness and loved the way it turned out. They did a great job start to finish.

Client Since 1995

Overall, my experience with Milwaukee Painters was great. They painted our kitchen cabinets in Shorewood, WI. We will use them again in the future.

Client Since 1995

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