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Imagine this, you and your family walking into a freshly painted living space that looks new and completely updated. You now have a place that anyone would be thrilled to entertain in or simply kick back and relax – a home. The experienced professionals at Milwaukee Painters offer services for house painting in and near Milwaukee County to meet virtually anyone’s needs. We take the time and care to make your vision a reality! And we do it all at an affordable price and set a reasonable timeline for completion – which we stick to.

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House Painting Exterior

Exterior house painting takes a lot of preparation, skill and equipment to do properly. Milwaukee Painters is the leader in local painting jobs.

Choose From Over 2000 Colors for House Painting

We have thousands of exterior house painting colors to choose from. Our vast selection of interior house painting colors is unsurpassed in selection and quality. 

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Milwaukee House Painting Services

Painting Professionals with Decades of Experience

Inviting people into your home to perform updates such as painting can be nerve wracking, but it does not need to be. When you work with Milwaukee Painters, you’re working with the areas best, most dedicated and passionate contractors. Our interior house painters not only are experts in their craft of painting, but also in building long lasting, valuable relationships. Seeing you, the homeowner happy, is what makes us happy. 

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Painters That Transform Any Area of Your Home

Our pick and choose services are designed to save you time and money by providing exactly what you need without the fluff, you won’t see unexpected charges or hidden fees from us! Milwaukee Painters has many years of experience and we surely understand that updating your paint may require additional services that you did not anticipate, such as repairing drywall, taking out old popcorn ceilings, or removing outdated wallpaper. Our vast selection of painting services are a terrific way to enhance the style and appeal of your home. 

Painting Your Home Before Selling

Prior to listing your home for sale, a new coat of paint can make a world of difference for prospective buyers. Milwaukee Painters will work with you, an interior designer or staging company to make the selling process easier.

Our Milwaukee house painting services include:

  • Interior house painting: Create the style of your dreams. Our interior painters will awe you with their attention to detail throughout your homes bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallways or basement. You name it, we’ll paint it.
  • Exterior house painting: Quality exterior paint color selections that will last for years and increase curb appeal.
  • Wallpaper removal: Milwaukee Painters will remove wallpaper and prepare your home for a new paint job
  • Popcorn ceiling removal: If your ceilings look dated, let us remove the popcorn and create a more modernized look.
  • Drywall repair & installation: We’ll patch holes in the wall, repair water or moisture damage, mildew or mold, and other damages.
  • Cabinet painting & refinishing:  We can help you design a completely new look and feel without the expense of new kitchen cabinets
  • Deck & fence painting: Staining, sealing and/or painting services that’ll transform your home’s exterior affordably.
  • Pressure washing: Eliminate years of grime and build up with our “prep your home for new paint” cleaning services.

Trust us, we get it; picking new color(s) for your home’s interior or exterior can be a huge undertaking. Milwaukee Painters offers free color consultations, during which we’ll discuss your options for finishes and colors. Finding the perfect style for your home has never been easier – let us help.

Planning Your Project: Where to Start?

Whether you want to refinish your cabinets, repaint your homes exterior, design an updated look for the interior, we offer house painting in Milwaukee to meet anyone’s needs. We recommend starting with a free in-person consultation, so you can learn about the wide array of color options and make a decision for your home.

Please contact us to schedule service at your home.

About Us

Committed to Quality Since the Beginning

Milwaukee is a rapidly growing city. Milwaukee Painters wants to make sure all new home owners in the Milwaukee area have a great experience with the painting contractor they choose. Whether you need to paint the inside or outside of your home, we’ve got you covered. From your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or basement – we’ll paint it all, affordably. Our painting services are priced competitively to deliver top-notch services at rock-bottom rates. 

Residential House Painting

Try not to underestimate the aesthetic worth a new layer of paint can bring. Each time you pull into the garage, you’ll feel another sense of motivation and connection with your house. Depending upon your choice, you can utilize paints that will assist you with mixing into your neighborhood, or you can go loud and decide to stick out, making your house the discussion of the community.

Interior paint

Interior paint can change the look and feel of your home. Freshly painted walls are a fast method for giving a room a refreshed look. Instead of exchanging up to increasingly costly and changeless pieces of a place like a couch, it’s simpler and progressively moderate to paint a wall in a shading that is in the pattern. Be that as it may, there are likewise interior painting organizations that could help you some assistance in your painting project.

Exterior paint

Exterior paint offers a ton more than making your house look beautiful. Painting the exterior of your home can be perhaps the best venture you’ll ever make as a proprietor. Much the same as new windows offer various advantages like decreased energy cost, expanded property estimation, temperature control, and so forth. An exterior paint provides an owner with a heap of benefits. It’s an ideal opportunity to catch up on your exterior painting information.

Choosing the right paint

Where house painting is concerned, one of the prime goals is to guarantee that the paint remains clung to its substrate and that it holds its fundamental properties for whatever length of time that conceivable. The choice of the correct paint materials is critical in accomplishing this goal.

The essential capacity of architectural paint (the right one) is to ensure metals, wood, and different materials against consumption and rot. So, as to more readily separate between various evaluations of paint, it is important to have probably some comprehension of what raw materials go into each container of paint.

All paints comprise of four fundamental parts:

Pigments are finely ground materials that give the paint its shading and concealing limit. The most well-known white shade in paint today is titanium dioxide.

Binder bounds the pigment particles together. As the paint dries, the binder ties color particles into a nonstop film just as restricting them to the painted surface.

Liquid’s first job is to keep shades in a simple to-paint liquid state. The liquids dissipate and what remains is a ceaseless film of binder and pigment.

Additives are fixings used to improve the presentation of paint somehow or another.

Choosing the right color

Colour choice can turn into the most troublesome piece of the entire house painting process. Some of the time, individuals battle for a considerable length of time and even months, taking a gander at paint swatches, setting up paint tests, conversing with family members, and still not having the option to settle on a colour scheme.

The most widely recognized inquiry of clients is: “What colour should I pick?” This is a generally great inquiry surely. After all, it is a choice that they should live with for an extremely significant time-frame. It is commonly comprehended that colour mixes that seem satisfying are comprised of colours viewed as in harmony or concur with one another. Colours that don’t agree with one another or that conflict is not in harmony.

When you have your primary colour, you can apply some simple guidelines and steps to make an agreeable colour plan. One approach to concoct a pleasant colour is to utilize differentiating (lighter or darker) forms of your primary colour. Another excellent method to add colour to your plan is using a correlative colour, found with the assistance of a colour wheel.

Color harmony

Color harmony is a typical colour term used to depict specific colour mixes that seem satisfying. Hues that don’t seem to concur with one another or that conflict are not in harmony. Created through experience, there are simple standards that can assist us with coming up with amicable colour choices. The greater part of these standards includes the utilization of the colour wheel.

Color wheel

The Color Wheel is a simple method that can assist us with pondering colors. It is likewise one of the most incredible tools accessible for home decorating. The color wheel is fundamentally a hover of hues spoke to in the colour range. A simple colour wheel is comprised of just 12 shades.

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Recent Work

Choosing the right painter

There’s a whole other world to a paint job than simply settling on the correct shading and applying it to your house. There are numerous interesting points to ensure the job is done well, however apparently the most significant is ensuring you have the ideal individuals for this job. Hiring a talented painter can spare your time and guarantee that your new paintwork will be reliable and enduring. While procuring a Milwaukee painting contractor, consistently search for somebody who is authorized, insured, and has been in the business sufficiently long to have trustworthy notoriety.

Consider the things that make up an organization: contractual worker theory, an emphasis on quality, level of service, representative responsibility, painting methodology, experience, correspondence, and initiative.

A correct blend of these things will make for a smooth-running project and will bring about paintwork that will look extraordinary for a long time to come. The nonappearance or shortcoming in at least one of the above fixings will probably deliver the contrary impact.

Quality and Price

Indeed, higher quality paint will commonly cost more. Then again, the lesser cost, lower quality paint may not be a deal by any stretch of the imagination, especially if its service life is significantly less than of a higher quality and progressively costly paint.

In any case, it is imperative to take note of that higher-priced paint isn’t an assurance of higher quality. Some of the time, the more significant expense will speak to higher promoting and transportation costs. In this way, similarly, as with whatever else, there is not a viable replacement for understanding. Milwaukee Painters sources high-quality paints at affordable prices, which we then pass savings on to you.

Residential painters commonly paint littler scale employments. Working exclusively on your home, the name “residential” is the thing that defines them. The right paint company can change your property from bland to brilliant and lovely. Picking the ideal color can transform any space and assist you to reflect your fantasies, expectations, character, and disposition in living shading. It’s anything but complicated to make a home that reflects who you are the point at which you call the right partner or painter. Regardless of your objective, they’ll assist you with accomplishing it.


Finding a trustworthy house painter locally can be difficult. Especially in a market like Milwaukee, when we were searching for house painting contractors near us we found dozens and dozens of companies. Milwaukee Painters was the right choice and helped us with our interior house painting.

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We needed the cabinets in our kitchen painted - Milwaukee Painters helped us find the right interior paint colors and just a few days later our kitchen looks completely new! Thanks!

Client Since 1995

We built a new house in the Milwaukee area and MP's helped us find the perfect colors for both the interior and exterior of the home. If we ever decide to change the colors of our house, we'll be giving Milwaukee Painters a call!

Client Since 1995

Highly Rated! From my experience Milwaukee Painters is the best painting company in Wisconsin!

Client Since 1995


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